Monday, June 13, 2011

grey.. or gray?

i do not know how to spell this color. i like "grey" better, but the color i used (which this very post will be about) is called "cement gray". so i suppose for these purposes i will refer to it as "gray". just know that i am not happy about it. : )

well this past weekend was a hectic one. my wonderful husband knows the way to my heart, so he took me to the home depot to buy paint (yay!!!). it was so hard to choose which paint to buy. not choosing the colors, but trying to decide which project would get finished next. i mean, being on a budget i have to pick and choose which projects get done when i have a little money and it is so difficult to decide which will take precedence over the others (you know what i am talking about here!). so i decided the guest bathroom was next to be painted since i have been working on it lately. i also bought some paint for my bookcase and worked on that, which i will show another day.

so i bought martha stewart's "cement gray" paint for the bathroom. i mean, come on. how could i not jump on this beautiful gray/grey bandwagon and paint that lovely color in my home?! i love it! i think i get it from my mom though (love you mom!) because every time she picks out a color she chooses the ones with a lot more gray (had to) grey in them. so living with her style and color choices for 21 years, i suppose i picked up some of her tastes. hey, if you know her house you would know that is a good thing : ). so anyway, i jumped on the wagon full steam this weekend and painted my little bathroom.

here is the after picture i showed before when i took the red out

and here it is after the little paint job

i wish i had a wider lens to show you a little better. it's a huge change. it's also a little darker then it's showing up (of course, sheesh). i really really like it. *sigh* i love paint. there is still more to be done in here. i have some artwork or something-er-other to figure out but it's really coming along. it's funny how all of this comes out of one decision that everything red must go. decorating is a slippery slope... i need to remember this. : )

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  1. The color goes great with the circles on the shower curtain :-)


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