Friday, July 13, 2012

surviving pregnancy.

this right here is a list of my top 10 favorite things that have helped me this far in my pregnancy. i like top ten lists. actually i just like lists. in fact, making lists might be number 11. so there's a bonus for you. i have made more lists in the last 8 months than probably ever in my life. and i love it. lists are the best. okay. here we go.


i should probably mention here and now, this list is not in order of importance. it's in my random brain order. if you get pregnant, get this book. this is basically everything you need/want/didn't want to know about pregnancy. i know, it's an obvious one but i have looked to this book countless times to help me through stuff. and there is so much random stuff that happens to your body that nobody bothered to mention, so whenever you freak out it's nice to open the book and read that you're not dying and your random crazy pain symptoms are normal. helpful. get it.


 yah. this is a baby boppy pillow. we found one (the exact one on our registry, actually) for $10. they sell for like, $40 or some crazy thing. but even at full price, totally worth it. do yourself a favor and get this pillow before baby comes and test it out. i have been sleeping with this pillow on and off for the last 15 weeks or so and it helps so much. and is cheaper than a full body pillow. and you'll use it for baby. and it won't make your husband feel like he is on the other side of the great wall of china. i love it.


these old navy shorts. i love them. one of the best purchases i made this pregnancy. i seriously wear them almost every day. they are so comfortable and the band covers my whole belly and pretty much stays put, so i'm not always pulling my shorts up. plus they don't cost you your first born child. and old navy has sales all the time, which is when i got these for about $20. i tell you what, i am excited for pregnancy to be almost over, but i will be sad to see these shorts go. i might shed a little tear when i pack them away... so comfy... sigh


this water bottle is awesome. i use it every. day. i take it everywhere. we sort of have a love/hate relationship now that i am constantly having to pee, so it makes me want to punch water in the face, but it is still awesome. apparently i was not drinking enough water before pregnancy. they say you should drink 8 glasses or some crazy stuff, i don't know. my doctor told me 2 liters a day while pregnant. this seemed impossible and nuts to me at first. i could only picture those big bottles of soda and thinking i would explode if i had that much liquid in me. then i found out the water helps keep you from swelling up like mad, keeps you and baby healthy, and it cleans out and replenishes the baby's fluid that she lives in. i mean, if i would keep a fish bowl clean and i find it super gross when one is dirty then.... well, you get it. this bottle has markings along the side of how much fluid is in it. it takes out all guess work and math, which is awesome because i hate math. i just refill it a couple times a day and keep it close by and magically it helps me stay hydrated.

oh which i have to say, i had to go to the hospital a couple times so far because of my gallstones. when i first got there, the nurses were determined to tell me it was because i was dehydrated (we didn't know about the stones then) and i was like, "nuh uh. my awesome water bottle wouldn't let that happen!" and they were like, "oh everyone gets dehydrated..." and i was like, "well not me! not with the way i've been drinking!" and guess what. they were shocked to find i was NOT dehydrated. so me and my water bottle showed them. i'm telling you. i love this water bottle.


this swimsuit is awesome. i found it at motherhood maternity. it's so cute, it was about $28 on sale, and it is comfortable. it covers and supports everything. i was wondering if i needed a suit at all because i thought i might not feel like going to a public pool all giant and pregnant. um the answer is yes. i love being in the pool. the water carries the baby for awhile and gives my back and every other sore joints a break. it's awesome. get a bathing suit if you're pregnant. don't worry about what you might look like. who cares? you're growing a human. that is a free pass.


i never had heartburn in my life. never ever. when i read in the pregnant girl book that i will most likely have it i was like, nah not me. i never have. i wouldn't even know what it was if i did get it. um. no. yesterday i got heartburn from eating yogurt. not cool. everything is all jammed together in your body so there is basically no room for your digestive system. or anything else. just baby. so most likely most women will get it. and it's terrible. but you can take these magic pills (i try not to take them often.. only if i am having a lot of trouble or it keeps me from sleeping) and then heartburn goes away. and then you can feel like you have a little control over what happens in your body. even though you really don't.


slow cookers. even during the summer. during this pregnancy this little guy has helped me feel like i am still an okay wife. i have a lot more energy in the morning than i do in the evenings. by evening all i want to do is sit with my feet up and drink tea. and talk to my husband. and not cook. or do dishes. so this little baby helps me do that and not make my husband make dinner every night. and not spend a fortune going out because i can't possibly gather the energy to make it myself. i love it. there are so many awesome recipes where you basically just throw a bunch of stuff in during the morning and by evening it's magically dinner. and then phil thinks i'm awesome. and i feel awesome for being 34 weeks pregnant and still making him dinner every night. well okay, not every night. but.. quite a few anyway...


this is apparently the part where i talk about food. which is important to a pregnant girl. i love tortillas. i would eat milk and cereal in a tortilla if i could. it makes anything a meal. i could chop a bunch of vegetables, throw them in a tortilla with some dressing or cream cheese and bam, dinner. i could brown some beef, throw in some taco seasoning, then throw it in a tortilla. we have them on hand all the time. seriously. at all times. come over and look in my fridge. you will see tortillas. and i just realized they probably don't need to be in the fridge.... but that's just where we always keep them... anyway, they have made dinners during this pregnancy way easier. and lunch. and the occasional breakfast burrito.


for some unknown reason i crave these like nuts. i really try to limit myself. i certainly don't have one every day or even every week. but when i'm out grocery shopping with phil i pick one up as a treat. or sometimes phil will just stop and get one and bring it home to surprise me. i know that doesn't sound like that great of a surprise, but it is. when there is one thing in life you crave and a person surprises you with it, it is like winning the lottery. i love these things. probably too much. like, as in it makes me sad when i take the last bite. pregnancy does weird things to a person. i have never been so sad about candy being gone in my life haha.


granny smith apples. whoa. i loved these before i was pregnant. now i want to live in an apple house with apple pets. which would actually be sad because i would want to eat them... so maybe i just want to have them in my fridge. all the time. this is another thing we always have. they are crisp, juicy, sour, a little sweet, and so yummy. and they are everything i want in a food since probably the day we conceived. i love them. these would have been number 2 and the candy would be number 1 if i'm being honest, but i wanted to seem like i care about being healthy. well, maybe they are tied. i don't know. don't ask me to choose.

so these are my favorite things that helped me be pregnant with so much success. actually i am not sure how to measure success during pregnancy, but it probably has to do with still being able to feel good and be happy most of the time. and if i'm going to be completely honest, i couldn't make it through any of it without this guy

not only because i couldn't have made the baby without him since these things take 2, but because he helps me in so many ways every single day. he supports me, listens to me, buys me 3 musketeers, he stays up with me when i have terrible gallstone pain and can't sleep, he rushed me to the hospital twice without ever complaining or even thinking about it, he helped me make a nursery for our baby, he went to three baby showers with me so i wouldn't have to be there as the center of attention by myself (since i hate that!), he reads the what to expect book so he knows and understands what's going on with me, and most importantly he prays for me all the time. he has done countless other things to help me get through this pregnancy, and i love him so much more for it because i see him being an amazing husband and becoming a great dad. this is what i hope everyone has when they go through a pregnancy. i don't know how i'd do it any other way.

so i guess that's actually 12 things, if you count lists and phil as things. so i maybe should have said this is my top 12 list, but 10 sounds better. and shorter. top 10 it is. : )


  1. This is a great list girl! Thanks for sharing; I will have to remember these tips for the future :-)

  2. i wore my maternity pants with the full panel waaaay longer than i should have after molly was born...but they were soooo comfy, i didn't want to give them up!! :) also, i totally craved granny smith apples the whole time i was pregnant too! girl babies must like them :) excited for you guys!


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