Thursday, July 26, 2012

an important post.

i was on facebook today and stumbled across a link to this post about the magic mike movie. i was so happy to read what mrs. gore had to say. thank God there are people that are standing up for Godly principles and marriages.

i agree with her that there are real men out there who need to be admired and praised for who they are. i do not know the actors personally (obviously), but i don't think being handsome and muscular is all that makes a guy a man. everything she said about what she believes makes a man a man are things i have seen in my own husband. i know it exists because i am married to it : ).

i truly believe that we are getting too relaxed in what we find entertaining. i want to be careful about everything i watch and read. my husband and i were just discussing the other day that a "fantasy guy" can be just as dangerous in a marriage as a man viewing pornography. if i build up a perfect man in my mind (whether he is a fictional character or a real person i build up and idolize in my head) then i will compare my husband to him just as i would be afraid he would compare pornographic images to me. and i think in both instances we would find the other lacking. that's just asking for trouble. i do not want any other men in my head that i consciously or unconsciously compare my husband to that may prove him to be lacking. those characters and figures aren't real, just as many women who pose nude are airbrushed and digitally enhanced to look perfect. it's the same thing. both images are left in the mind and leave real people looking pale in comparison.

i love my husband for being a real man and i wouldn't want to have a fake image of a "man" in my head to compare him to that would tarnish the way i see him. i am not going to see magic mike or read fifty shades of grey for the same reason i would not want my husband looking at other women. i don't want to have romantic or sexual thoughts about any man other than phil buben. i expect the same out of him. i love and respect him as the head of our household, and what kind of disrespect would that be to regard other men higher than him? the man who loves me, takes care of me, and provides for our household deserves my highest respect. so i don't consider it a big sacrifice to avoid certain books or movies. in the end i am getting something much better; an accurate and Godly view of the man i married. that's worth so much more than being "entertained" for a matter of a couple hours.

i don't judge people who like certain books or movies. i feel it's important to say this is how I FEEL and i believe every person has different convictions. if reading about edward cullen doesn't make you look at your husband and wish he was more this or that, then go ahead and read. i just realize certain characters have done a little damage to my view of my husband as i unconsciously compared him to them, so this is me saying i am going to be more intentional about what i read, watch and what i think about other men. the only man who matters is my husband and i plan to have the best view of him possible.


  1. Awesome post Jess!!! I agree with you 1,010%! Good for you for standing up and posting about what you believe in.

    I feel the same exact way about Daniel.

    I hope that you're doing ok in the last stretch of your pregnacy!

    Talk to you later.


  2. did i write this? thank you so much for expressing yourself so beautifully in a way that honors God, your husband, and yourself. i feel the exact same way and have had many conversation with my close christian girlfriends about this very thing. i do not even have to tell you my thoughts because you really mentioned every single one. thank you for being bold and confident to speak whats on your mind and in your heart. i greatly appreciate you and admire you.

    have a fantastic weekend! :)


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