Tuesday, July 10, 2012

34 weeks.

hey guys! it's been awhile. about 15 weeks actually... but i thought a little update on life would be good.

i've been gone from the blog for awhile mainly because i haven't been doing many projects. the only project i've been working on (besides growing this little girl!) is the nursery. it has been slooowwww going. we started it when i was about 16 weeks and we still aren't finished! it's mostly because money. blech. stupid money. i had a small budget each month to work with, so once i spent my allowance i had to wait until the next month to do more projects. it has been so hard to wait all this time!

i originally wanted to be done with everything by the time i was 30 weeks... well that has clearly come and gone! so the new goal is 35 weeks. and.... in case you didn't notice... that's next week. right now all we are waiting on is stuff to get shipped here. we are waiting for the crib and bedding both to ship here. then i can finish up 2 little projects i have left... then WE'RE DONE! i can't wait! i will definitely take some pics and show you guys.

besides the nursery going slower than Slow Slowerson, pregnancy has been pretty good to me. even though it's been pretty great and i love carrying our daughter, it is not without its bad points. i have discovered an organ that i pretty much forgot even existed call mister gallbladder. apparently he was mad that i haven't thanked him for all his hard work of storing bile over the years because he came after me with a vengeance. seriously. i have had 7+ gallstone attacks since right about the 24th week. they are pretty horrible and basically feel like the worst stabbing back pain that ever existed, followed by the feeling that i swallowed rocks that are being thrown around by my organs. for real. call me crazy, but i didn't realize that when people have stones it literally feels like rocks moving around in your body. worst. feeling. ever.

this crazy gallbladder guy has caused 2 late night trips to the hospital with back pain which, in case you didn't know, "back pain" is one of those pregnant girl terms that basically means get to the hospital right away because it could be labor. scary. thank God it wasn't labor, but we finally did an ultrasound and found out i have stones. i met with a nice surgeon who politely told me i was "too big" to operate on now (haha) and that i would have to schedule the surgery about a month after i give birth. so in case having a newborn baby isn't enough, i get to have surgery too. apparently the surgery is "no big deal". that's what i keep being told.... all i know is that either way, i'm kicking this gallbladder out. he has become ornery and isn't doing his job. so he's fired.

and no i'm not sure why my gallbladder is male.

another small complication in recent times has been my blood pressure. i had pretty good bp up until last week. suddenly it went up and the doctors got a little worried. blood was drawn and they set up another appointment for this week to keep an eye on me. my body just can't seem to figure this stuff out. my organs and blood are all rebelling. it's chaos in here. sheesh.

despite all that and the super hot weather we've been having, i'm doing pretty good i'd say. so good in fact, i finally took a picture of my pregnant self for you. i know, you've all been waiting and hoping and praying i would. well, fear not. here it is

even though i felt like a fool taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror (in stripes no less..) i promised some people a picture like, weeks ago. also i figure some day i might want at least a few pictures to document this pregnancy. so here is the proof.

and just because it was so exciting to me that i changed the number to "6" today, i took a picture to document that too : )

this countdown started at 18 weeks. now we're down to 6!!! well, until my due date at least. and also you guys get a bonus announcement in there too. our baby girl's name is Lydia. Lydia Jane. she's totally a pride and prejudice themed baby. thankfully i don't know any female who doesn't love that book, so i don't think she'll be too upset about it.

i can't wait to meet her!!!!!

now if only her crib would get here.....


  1. You look sooo cute!!! Hope you and baby are well, aside from the stones. God bless you and your family.

    Cousin Jill :)

  2. Jess! You are so adorable!! I love your baby bump!! And the way you write stuff is hilarious to me! I'm glad you can make craziness like that out to be humorous as well! It's a good attitude to have even tho I'm sure it's been so frustrating!! I love you and can't wait to meet baby Lydia!!

  3. Jessica you're gorgeous! So glad to hear things are coming together and I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby girl!

  4. Very pretty....


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