Monday, July 16, 2012

lydia's nursery.

okay, it is finally done. it feels like it's been foreverrrr but the nursery is finished! now i am anxious for lydia to get here so she can use it. well also so i might be able to breathe again and not get heartburn from bending over... but the point is i just want her here! i hope these last few weeks go by quickly.

almost everything in this nursery is diy or handmade. i kept a budget going for the room and i expected to spend probably around $1000 by the end of it. i figured with furniture, decor, paint, bedding, and everything else a baby needs that was a good estimate. well, in the end we spent $390. that's all. people have been so generous and we have just found so many ways to save money (mostly by making everything ourselves).

so let me show you how this room started.


this is the only angle i have of this room. basically because nothing else was done. we had phil's office in the corner... and that's it. oh and his bike was on the other side of the room. so i never took any pictures. and occasionally it was a huge mess because he likes to be able to spread out all his school papers. so because of that, i decided to never really work on it. and it was a sad room to be in. and i basically never went in there.

but now it is a lovely nursery. so i am basically just gonna post a ton of pictures now.


and just because they are adorable, here are some shots of her bumgenius diapers and little clothes!

i love her little jammies!

 so needless to say, i like this room a little better now. i can't wait for lydia to use it. it's probably my favorite room now. sometimes i just go sit in there and rock and enjoy all the work that was done. only another month until i can rock lydia! well, on the outside of my body anyway : ).

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  1. Gary& DebbieJuly 16, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    Uncle Gary and Aunt Deb love the room you did...and we're so excited for you. Can't wait to see little Lydia. Every woman remembers the agonizing last month of pregnancy, and just wanting it to be over. Keep telling yourself, "this too shall pass". And before you know it....You did a great job, Mommy, on a small budget. We know you'll be great parents too.

  2. Wow Jessica this room is gorgeous! I'm so impressed! It looks amazing!

  3. MY favorites:
    1) The homemade mobile, because you're amazing at everything you do
    2) The homemade moss wreaths around the mirrors, because you're amazing at everything you do
    3) All the beautiful patterned fabric
    4) The polka dot painting, wait... :)
    5) The fluffy tissue poms and tulle flowers

    Hmmmmm, my list is getting lengthy... I love everything!!

  4. Ahhh Jess, it's beautiful!! I love all the color. Its very creative! She will love it :)
    Shelly K

  5. jessica this is such a happy whimsical room! love your wall flowers, mobile, and adore the twig/moss/butterfly wreaths, simply adore! oh an the curtains and the little white table, yep theres too much goodness going on in here :) you did a wonderful job and just think how much better the room will look with your little baby girl sleeping in the crib--eek, such an exciting time for you and phil!!!!

  6. My darling girl did a wonderful job. You are so creative and such a good steward of your finances. I am so proud of you. Can't wait to meet Lydia.

  7. So, so pretty! I love the mobile and the pretty bows tied onto her crib! Beautiful job :)


  8. Can you post a tutorial on how you made the tulle wall flowers? I would love this for my daughter's room!


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