Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fall wreath and other stuff.

sorry it's been so long pals. honestly my only excuse is that i have literally done zero projects. i've been enjoying fall, spending time with my family, celebrating birthdays and trying not to spend any money. so basically that stuff doesn't really equal tons of great projects. i may have had a little money to spend but any hopes of that were dashed when this little rascal came into our lives

this is emily. she came into our lives about a week and a half ago. literally. she came right into our apartment. my husband had been out for the evening and as he walked into our apartment he said, "uuummmm... jess! you better come here...." which really is not something you wanna hear. so i came to see what the commotion was all about and found this little kitten just wandering around, you know, just checkin us out. then she curled up on my rug and went to sleep. so clearly we couldn't kick her out! she is so tiny and of course cute, so the next day we took her to the vet. and named her emily. and she was officially ours. i guess. she is a pest. and a rascal. and always moving and doing everything she isn't supposed to. but somehow we love her anyway. 

i mean, come on. would you have had the heart to send this little face back out on the streets?

i doubt it.

so since we spent money we weren't planning to on getting her shots and flea medications and all that, i pretty much had to say no to any and all spending on projects. problem was i needed a fall wreath for my front door. it has been officially fall for like, a week people! or something like that... maybe... when is the first day of fall again??... but i had yet to put a fall wreath up. dear me. so it had to be free. basically using what i have. and that's it. problem was i was completely inspired by this picture

so cute, right?

 i thought that would be so pretty for fall and i loved the numbers on the wreath... but zero dollars = no fancy numbers. no new wreath form. and no new flowers. so i did the best i could with what i had.

i took out this wreath i had made for spring

i figured the brown yarn would look fall-ish enough. so i just ripped off the flowers and luckily for me the bird was a clip-on, so i still have the cute little guy for another year. then my project was stalled...... i won't say by whom..

i really have no idea why this would be a good spot to sleep... mind boggling.

so after i found a new spot for hobbes to sleep, i was left with a poor scarred wreath form

so i gathered anything fall-ish i had and pulled out some old hydrangeas. i liked the big full flowers in the picture and i knew i would get that from the hydrangeas

i hot glued the pumpkins on first, then i started gluing.. the word gluing looks so wrong to me right now... but i know it's not glueing... but what the heck. what a weird word.. so as i was saying, i glued the hydrangeas around them to fill in the spaces. i just ripped the heads off the stems and globbed hot glue on em and stuck em. easy. and it started to look like this

this is about 3 hydrangea stems and a couple little bunches i pulled off

after i used up all the hydrangeas i had finished i was left with this little cutie

i really liked it, but i loved the idea of house numbers on the wreath. it added so much charm and character. sadly i had no such numbers to speak of, so i had to make some. this is where it got a little too crafty for me, but it was worth it in the end.

i don't have one of those awesome cricuts or whatever they are called that just print out whatever shape you need, so i had to print out some numbers.

then i used mod podge to put them onto a cardboard box so i would have more substantial numbers

haha it looks ridiculous.

i cut out my numbers (which was annoying and honestly kind of painful for my hands) and i decided to decoupage dictionary pages to my numbers to make them look all homey and cool. i like the look of book pages and for some reason they remind me of fall, so i figured it would be cooler than just spray painting them or something. so i was left with these cozy little numbers

no they're totally not perfect. but come on. cardboard is hard to cut people.

and of course i tried to use words that reminded me of fall from the dictionary

i hot glued the numbers on and i have to say, i was pretty pleased. especially once i hung it on the door

i really like it. and it was free. and it didn't even take that long, considering i made all the numbers. if i liked everything i made as much as i like this, i would make things much more often. unfortunately things don't always turn out this well... but of course y'all know how that goes.

i am trusting that no murderers or killers will be able to see this and figure out where i live... so if you are a killer or some kind of weird stalker (hey i am very stalk-able) please forget my apartment number. thanks so much. : )



  1. Ok you are officially the most talented, creative and resourceful woman I know! This is gorgeous and I'm in such awe!

  2. Oh and I forgot, your new little kitten is adorable; *love* the name you picked for her :-)

  3. Thats so cute!!! You now have me in the mood to make a fall wreath...but I have work to do :0(

  4. That kitty is adorable and I love your wreath! Very cute!! =D

  5. This is awesome! I can't believe how you can make something out of nothing and it is this beautiful. I'm pinning this. SO jealous. SO.


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