Thursday, September 29, 2011


for the rest of this week i am enjoying staying at my parents' beautiful house. as i speak.. er.. type.. i am being completely spoiled with a king size bed and hgtv. the unsellables is on and i am shocked by what people do to their poor homes... sheesh.

anyway, i thought this would be a good opportunity to show you my mom's beautiful decorating. any sort of sense of decorating i may have comes from my mom. i have watched her be amazing since i was little and it has pretty much taught me all i know. she does a gorgeous job. especially since i'm here to tell her what to do... ha joking : ). so i am just gonna show you everything. and this is only part of the first floor. just like all of us, my mom is always improving, changing and redecorating.

her latest project is her beautiful bedroom. which is still being worked on. i know she has plans to make a headboard, window treatments and artwork over the bed. but it's already so beautiful so i'm going to show you anyway : )

she recently bought new bedding, which was the jumping off point for the rest of the room. we recovered the bench at the end of the bed to match the new color scheme. she also chose paint chips from the colors in her new comforter that she loved, then of course we bribed my stepdad into installing all the board and batten.

the armoire across from the bed used to be black. my mom painted it herself and it's just beautiful. it totally lightened up the whole room and i mean, come on. look at that beautiful blue color. it adds so much to the room. can you tell i am in love with it? and i'm also totally jealous of the gorgeous painting she found. i should have found it first. dang it.

perfect. love the texture with the glass and color. so jealous.

love this table. and the lamp. and the blue throw. geesh.

are y'all as jealous as i am right now?

so let's move to the living room.

my mom likes natural, warm tones. she has more traditional style than i do, but i completely love it. even if i do try to talk her into more color occasionally : ) oh and that big orange guy is our dog dallas. he adds to the warmness of the room, don't you think?

love this chair. my parents made the artwork on the wall by framing wallpaper with molding. then they added the swing arm sconces. so pretty and clever, right?

i love the fireplace. it was one of my favorite parts of the house when i first saw it. i love the stone and the giant white mantel. it's all dressed up for fall right now. i helped my mom do the mantel this year, but all the best parts were her ideas. we decided to go somewhat simple and natural-ish. then she added hydrangeas and the pumpkins. then we found those awesome white pinecone things at michaels and she decided she just needed them.. i agree : )

beautiful, right? i bet i've used the word beautiful more times in this post than any other. if i kept track of things like that...

okay. and i just had to show you this detail.

okay. i love that painting going up the stairs. so lovely, right? but okay. look at this wallpaper. the gold catches the light and reflects it so beautifully. my mom wallpapered this wall because it kept getting marked up. it's a high traffic area and it was driving her nuts. well i guess this was a gorgeous solution.

ugh. need wallpaper that reflects light like this when i buy a home. must remember.

i found that ceramic urn with a flower arrangement in it in the basement. we took it apart and just stuck leaves under the pumpkin. cute right?

hmm. i think i did a good job. : ) and those are my cute little parents in that picture. yah they're all happy and cute and annoying.

right off the living room is the eating area off the kitchen. yep, they've got that enviable open floor plan. but look. look at this view from their eating area

love the light fixture. love the furniture. but look. i'm serious. they have woods behind them that lead to a lake. which you can see perfectly in the winter once the leaves fall. it's so. gorgeous. phil and i ate dinner at this table last night and just enjoyed each other and the view : )

so i also want to show the entry way and dining room.

i took this picture to show how the entry way is to the left of the picture, the dark doorway is a bathroom straight ahead, the light doorway right of that is the master, and i took this from the dining room. also, check out the beautiful blue ceiling. love.

so here is the entry

love. love the mirror. love the lamp. love the table. love the little blue bird. love the pot arrangement. love. it. all.

tell me you love it too. i know you do.

the adorable little half bath. the walls are a gorgeous blue and the ceiling is a few shades lighter. i love it.

don't you love this? my mom hasn't decided she likes this bathroom yet. so leave her some love and tell her how it's beautiful.

and this is the beautiful dining room. another one of my favorite places in the house.

i had to show the centerpiece i helped my mom create. we just took strands of leaf garland and sort of wove them around the candle in the center over top of a table runner. then my mom added the tiny pumpkin-y gourd things. my sister bought the mercury glass for my mom for her birthday, so she added them to the table. simple and lovely.

yep. my sister has good taste too.

the dining room hutch. i love it. my mom bought all the dishes over time from marshalls. they are white and blue. oh, and gorgeous. also i am totally envious of those artichokes.

i love this thing. i gave it to my mom for her birthday. but now i want it back.

okay. i realize i am breaking blog records here with pictures. and it's quickly becoming the longest post maybe ever. but we're almost done. but come on. you're enjoying the beauty so quit complaining.

i basically had to show this guy because it's my mom's favorite thing. she loves it. it's always out and it always has tall grasses coming out of it. it's awesome. and beautiful.

the last space i want to show off is the deck right off the kitchen. it feels like a little oasis.

this rocker in the corner here is my favorite chair. we all fight over it. especially when we go out to the fire pit : )

and lastly, here is the reason i am here

our golden retriever dallas


golden doodle cheyenne. she clearly needs a bath haha.. she's kind of a tomboy : )

so i obviously love my parents' house and i knew you'd love it too. and if anybody is really bored and feels like counting how many times i said things like "beautiful" and "love" then let me know the count. it may be somewhere in the cajillions though... count at your own risk : )


  1. hehe cute post....I can see how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)

  2. What a pretty house! Some of the fall decor looks just like a Pottery Barn catalogue!

  3. Your mom has excellent taste!


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