Thursday, October 6, 2011

pumpkins galore.

basically blogland is pumpkins galore right now. and since i am in love with fall and everything associated with it, you can guess how i feel about it. yah, i kind of love it. and i am positive you all have seen this picture out there

well, obviously i pinned it right away. okay. i mean, i had put candles in my fireplace before.. and i had put pumpkins all around the fireplace.. but i had NEVER thought to use the actual place of fire to decorate. i mean, after seeing a picture i feel like it should have been so obvious to me. what a shame... now that i have seen the light the possibilities are endless. and i am also left wondering what other places are just sitting around my home not being used that just happen to be totally perfect for decorating without me knowing. seriously, tell me if you know.

so anyway. so i saw that picture and i was clearly like, i am so doing that. well, sadly my poor apartment fireplace is nowhere near as lovely as this one. and i don't really have the mulah to buy 50 pumpkins. and i also don't feel like spending 50 hours painting said pumpkins. but i decided to create my own version.. kind of. (don't laugh. it's nothing like it. other than the fact that there are pumpkins in the fireplace. give me a break.)

so i may have 47 less pumpkins than the other picture... but i like my cute little pumpkins : )

i said i was inspired by the picture. i didn't say i copied it exactly.. right?

well, anyway. so it started by me buying those pumpkins at the apple orchard. and i just put them in the fireplace.. but i missed having some sort of warmth in there. so i added candles to get that glow-y warmth. and then i liked it : )

i love this little beauty. my sister gave it to me. i also have a green one. i know, you're jealous.

i was happy about this because the pumpkins didn't seem like enough, but i didn't want to buy more pumpkins because then we'll just throw them away once the season is over and that feels like such a waste to me. i considered fake ones mixed in there, but in the end i didn't want to buy anything else. so i shopped my apartment and put together some candles that looked fall-ish enough. and then i was totally happy with it. thank goodness i didn't just run right out and buy a bunch more stuff. my husband is thankful too : )

also, i've been working on 3 projects lately and i can't wait to show them!! 2 are completely fabulous and the other well... it's still being worked on let's just say..... : )


  1. your husband is so blessed. you create such a warm, inviting space and i know it is appreciated.

  2. I love your version of the picture, especially the fact that you used several different colors of pumpkins. The candles are so warm too!!!! I might have to copy you on this one too ;-) Can't wait to see your other projects Jessica!

  3. I love your version of it!! It looks so calming and beautiful. You are sooo amazingly talented lady! Keep doing what you do! =D


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