Tuesday, October 25, 2011

working girl.

oh dear me.. sorry once AGAIN for being so absent. my husband was out of town last week so i went to stay with my family since i am scared of murderers trying to come in and get me... you know, since they all know our schedules and they know exactly when my husband isn't in town to protect me.... so i know it sounds silly, but i feel safer not staying alone at my apartment. plus whenever i get an excuse to stay at their beautiful house well, i take advantage.

so this is a big day. well, actually sunday was a big day for me, but this is a big day for the blog. i have a little announcement that will hopefully help this blog out a lot. ready?

i am officially a working girl.

yep. i had my first day of work at bath and body works on sunday. i think i'm gonna be really happy working there. my shifts are great hours (i don't work past 4 on the weekdays) and i mean, hello? who doesn't LOVE the product at bath and body? come on. i'm a little scared i will spend my entire paycheck there though. the one i work at is connected to a white barn candle co. so you know what that means.. have you seen the scents they have??!! yesterday i smelled a candle called oatmeal raisin and i seriously thought i might eat it. their candles smell absoutely delicious. which is what you want this time of year so you can have that "fresh baked cookie" smell without baking and without the calories. score.

seriously go to that link and read some of these, will you? i see things like salty caramel, pumpkin caramel latte, and another one i smelled yesterday dark chocolate mint. i am serious. go to your local store and smell these things, you will NOT be sorry.

and don't even get me started on the beautiful sleeves they have for your new candle. this giant ceramic sleeve caught my eye immediately and i said, oh i MUST have that! and it's on a fabulous sale right now! geesh. this is what i'm talking about! i already want to spend every dollar i made on candles and sleeves. i seriously want like, every single one. i wonder if that will be over doing it.... maybe a tad?..

also i made a big discovery about myself. it was really exciting for me actually.. bath and body works has different scent lines. they have scents for the sexy girl, the fresh girl, the cuddler girl and the sweet girl. sexy is bold and sensual scents. fresh is light and bright scents. cuddler scents are warm, somewhat sweet and inviting. sweet scents are well, exactly what they sound like. light, sweet and airy kind of scents.

okay, i ALWAYS thought i was a "fresh" kind of girl. i always look for things like their white citrus or sea island cotton. i always thought i NEEDED to have these scents because i'm very sensitive to scents on my own skin. i used to get horrible headaches from wearing certain lotions or perfumes, so i figured the light fresh ones would be better for me. well, as part of our taining we were supposed to try out a scent from each catergory and see which we liked the best. this is where i made a shocking discovery. the "freshies" were not my favorite. i never even thought to try other scents because i figured they would be too strong! i found out the "cuddlers" were my favorite! the warm sweet smell agreed with me and didn't bother my head at all!

i was so excited about that because it opened up a whole new big chunk of great fragrance. it was fun to learn that about myself and i know it sounds weird, but it was kind of freeing. i realized i have more options than i thought when it comes to fragrance and working at bath and body works is what made me figure that out! so i have a new favorite scent. it's called twilight woods and i sprayed it on before i left work at 2:30 and i could smell it the rest of the day. it's a lovely sweet, warm smell but it's not quite as sweet as something like sweet pea. i just love it and i already have decided i need to buy some spray, lotion, a candle, body cream and pretty much whatever else i can get my hands on. i'm excited about this people!!

the MOST exciting thing is that we're getting all the holiday stuff out now. the holiday candles, candle sleeves, soaps and fragrances are all being put out for the season. i'm so excited!! and if you want to stock up on fall scents for thanksgiving and for next year, i know a lot of stores are having their big fall sale right now. so go out and get some good deals!! our fall stuff is up to 50% off so we can make room for holiday, so go get it! like i said, you will not be sorry : )

by the way, bath and body works does not pay me to write this stuff. they pay me to come in and help people in the store; i just love that they've helped me already learn a lot about fragrance and what i like, and so maybe they'll help you too! it's worth a try at least. : )


  1. congrats on the fun job! :) i love twilight woods - i wear it just about every day. sometimes i am a country chic kind of girl too! :)

  2. Congrats on the job!! It sounds like you are going to have alot of fun working there!

  3. Yay for working girls! Proud of you cuz :)
    Love Niki bullard

  4. Congratulations on the new job!!!! You sound so excited about your new position and that makes me so happy for you! I felt silly because I didn't know what a sleeve was, but thank you so much for teaching me. I can see what a challenge it will be to resist them ;-)


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