Friday, May 6, 2016

Kitchen Plans!



You guys. Kitchen plans. I mean. Kitchen. Plans.

Ahhhh!!! I am so excited! This means that the kitchen refresh is in the very very near future. I have been thinking and planning and scheming where this kitchen is concerned since the day we put an offer in on this house.

It takes me a long time to research and plan a room like this. Really, I don't think I would have been ready to do the kitchen before now, and this summer marks 3 years since we moved in! With an investment like this, I like to be 550% certain before I make a move. I have been browsing pinterest, magazines, books, and anything else decor related trying to come up with the perfect plans for our kitchen. You guys, most of this stuff I am about to show you has been purchased and either installed or in my house just waiting. That basically means I am the most excited person ever because the kitchen project is REAL. It is legit happening. Basically I just need assistance where the power tools portion of the kitchen is concerned. Other than that, we are under way!

So anyway, here is the plan:

We have sort of a farmhouse/cottage/french country thing going here.

We are keeping the existing cabinets and counter tops, but we are painting the cabinets white and installing crown and trim to make them look a little more custom on the upper cabinets. The lowers will be getting feet (I adore feet on cabinets).

We are installing a back splash in the form of beadboard and adding corbels. New light fixtures, sink and bridge faucet have already been installed! The painting of the cabinets will hopefully begin next week. Here is a peek at what we are working with:

Not terrible, but not exactly what I'm going for if you know what I mean. Also, that refrigerator is a bad diy experiment gone wrong. Yikes. So that will be addressed somehow, I am just not exactly sure what that solution might be yet....

Here we go! Kitchen refresh, here we come!!!

By the way, all kitchen sources will be shared once it's all completed, if anybody is interested.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, but especially my mom who has sponsored this blog post in the form of keeping Lydia last night, allowing me the time to write this. Love you mom!! Thank you for everything you do!


  1. I just love a fun kitchen reno and I love this style. I cannot wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks, Darby! I can't wait either haha. I am so excited! Also, Happy Mother's Day!


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