Friday, March 9, 2012

Evelyn's Shoppe.

recently my good friend megan opened up a shop on etsy. it's called Evelyn's Shoppe and here is what she says about it:

"Welcome to Evelyn's Shoppe! I am a newly stay at home mom who wants to spend as much time with her daughter as humanly possible. I just recently left my job and I'm now trying new things to bring in a little income. I have always had a love for fashion and hope that I can share some of my inspirations with you! I would love your business so please check things out!"

i love her shop! she has the cutest scarves that she hand makes! and for being good quality, lovely and handmade scarves, the prices are pretty reasonable. of course i am a scarf addict. i love them! i mean, you can change any outfit just by adding a scarf. come on. what a great way to save money! just buy different scarves to change up your outfits instead of buying new outfits all the time! it works wonders.

my favorite thing to do is just throw on a cardigan over a tee or plain shirt, then add a scarf. there you have it! cute outfit! and her scarves are lovely! plus there is the added benefit of knowing you're helping a woman be able to spend more time with her little baby! i mean, basically a win-win : ).

Floral square fashion scarf
here is one of her adorable scarves that works way into the spring and cool summer nights.

Floral Spring Fashion Scarf
here is another adorable pattern. she has such good taste.

Handmade Knit Two Tone Eternity Scarf, extra-wide L56" x W40"
and this is the one i ordered from her.

i ordered the two tone eternity scarf, but i wanted different colors. well, megan can custom make them to order so you can really get any color you want!

this is me, hobbes and the baby showing off my scarf that i ordered. : )

i wanted white and tan to be able to go with lots of different outfits. actually i wanted something neutral, and megan suggested the colors. and i love my scarf! it is sooo soft and cozy. it has the feeling of a really soft tee that you wear around your neck. i have never had a cozier scarf, and i have been looking for something like this for so long!

i obviously love this scarf.

seriously. order a scarf from megan's shop. you won't regret it.


  1. Ahhh!! You are soo soo sweet for doing this!! I love you! I'm so glad you LOVE your scarf and hope other people will feel the same way about them :) Thank you, Jess!!!

  2. Love your new scarf! Thanks for sharing about the shop; I've got to pop over there and check it out ;-)


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