Tuesday, February 7, 2012

get ready. i'm going to be an annoying expecting mom who brags about her fetus.

i warned you. : )

i just got back from my 12 week appointment.. baby is doing so perfect! we couldn't hear a heartbeat because apparently a certain organ of mine where my baby lives is tilted back towards my back instead of tilting forward.. sheesh. so they did an ultrasound again to check on the baby and make sure it's still doing okay.

well it's doing great! i had an itty bitty scare not being able to hear it in there, but the doctor said its little heart is beating at 170 beats per minute. i think that's probably the best heart beating any baby has ever done ; ). so they gave me a picture and at first i was like, uhhhh.. my baby has gone from a little embryo to a blob.. but then they showed me that the baby is facing forward with its little baby hands by its face. so i saw those cute adorable little hands!! they are seriously the cutest hands any fetus has ever had. trust me. the picture is so fuzzy that i think if i put it up here you would all be like, "huh, a black and white blurry blob..." and i wouldn't blame you. but it's the cutest black and white blurry blob ever.

everything else is on track too! i'm growing at a good rate, but not exactly showing yet. and the good news is, i haven't gained any weight yet. so i'm almost in the second trimester with no weight gain, so i was pretty excited about that! most people need to gain at least a few pounds in the first trimester, but i am in need of no such thing. so hopefully this is a pattern i can keep up and the only weight i gain will be all baby related... haha not the most likely but here's hoping : ).

i feel so incredibly happy and full every time i see my baby.. it's such a miracle. i can't even imagine how i'll feel when i actually hold the baby and hold its perfect little hands with my own.. i'm so excited!! i can't wait!


  1. dude. i was SO thinking about you this morning!! how strange! :) glad to hear that your perfect little blob is just a growin and is healthy as can be!! :)

  2. awwww you sound like you're glowing already! So glad to here that your baby is growing!!! Are we gunna get to see and bump pics?

  3. Congratulations!! What fun! Our little one will be 4 weeks tomorrow and is the most beautiful, intelligent infant ever. ;) enjoy the ride!


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