Monday, December 19, 2011


whoa. it's already here! christmas eve is this saturday... crazy! i feel like there is still so much to be done! i have about half my wrapping left to do. we have some laundry and packing to do for our trip to indy to visit phil's family, and we still have our christmas traditions to do! we haven't even looked at christmas lights yet! sheesh. and i work tuesday through friday.. so not a whole lotta time either. i can't wait until christmas gets here and i can just enjoy family and be lazy : ).

so in true christmas spirit i am going to tell you what i hope i'm getting for christmas.. haha. well really christmas spirit is about giving, but i can't tell you what i'm giving people yet since many of them will read this before they open their gifts. plus it's more fun to look at the things i want. don't judge me, i know you will all want this stuff too ; )

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these boots are just what i've been looking for. plus i don't have any cute boots like this. aaaand i am fairly certain these are under my tree because i went with phil so he could make sure he was getting the right ones. so unless he took them back, they will be making an appearance on my feet soon : )

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i don't think these soft vs tees will be making an appearance under the tree, but if i have any christmas money i will be sure to buy some of these for sleeping. soft sleep tees are necessary in life.

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i love scarves. i love buying them, receiving them, wearing them, looking at them.. i always want a new scarf at christmas time. this is just to represent that fact, although i do really like this scarf.

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okay. i have been in love with cameos forever. even before the whole craze started going on. it reminds me of jane austen and sense and sensibility and just old fashioned charm. and i love this necklace. it's not available on etsy anymore. i wish it was because i was opening it on christmas... : )

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this one however is still available *wink* *wink*
(now don't any of you go ahead and buy this for yourselves because if i didn't get one i am getting this. i mean it. don't make me come over there.)

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slippers are a must. i always want more slippers. i like to be old fashioned and think of them as house shoes. and i mean, a girl needs more than one pair of shoes, right?

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i also love being super dorky and wearing hats like this. go ahead and judge. i don't mind : )

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i have wanted some blue topaz something or other for a long time. i wouldn't be mad if i found some of this on christmas morning... ; )

of course i like to have fun and getting presents sure is fun, but i know and you know that is not the reason we all love christmas. even though there will be lots of gifts to be had, let's all remember the true gift. the gift of God's son that He so freely and gladly gave us so He could rescue us and show His abounding love for us. that's what we are really celebrating. a gift so amazing that all these wish they could be so good : ).

i love you guys and i hope you have the merriest christmas. i probably won't be around until next year, so happy new year!! i hope the end of this year is just perfect for you all and that you spend it doing whatever you love doing most.

Merry Christmas!

*all links to products and product info can be found here on my pinterest christmas list. all questions about sizes and/or my address so you can send me those presents will be answered ASAP. ; )

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  1. I'm pretty sure those slippers were made for you haha they are so cute :)


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