Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas trees and presents! my two favorite things!

christmas tree party

hi guys! i told you i would blog again this week! i can't believe you would doubt me... haha okay, i doubted me too. but here i am! this is my favorite time of year and i am in love with christmas trees, so that may have helped me in the making myself blog process... whatever it takes, right? : )

so i wanted to show my tree since the tree is always the main event of christmas. i have to be completely honest, i think my tree is pretty because i mean, hello it's sparkly and glittery and has at least 600 lights on it... but i'm not in love with it. but since i decided i was just going to enjoy this holiday season and not worry about things like that, it does just fine for us : ). plus i am willing to overlook the whole effect and focus on the little details i love.

my tree is special because almost every ornament on it (besides cheap walmart filler ones) is my favorite. my stepdad bought my sister and i small christmas trees when we were still living at home, and every year he bought us an ornament for it. that way when we moved out, we would already have a good headstart. pretty awesome, right? and ever since then, every year my sister and i have bought each other some more special ornaments. and now my husband has joined in on the fun and he lets me pick out an ornament to buy me every year : ) it's so fun! and every ornament i have is so special to me! so of course i couldn't resist taking pictures of lots of ornaments... so be prepared. : )

it's funny to me that many people are choosing to do white and red this year. i decided to change from gold to white just because i liked it better. then i realized everybody was doing it... so maybe i was following a trend without realizing..?? haha i do not know, but as soon as i decorated it i noticed everyone changing their color scheme to red and white. it makes me feel like a boring ol' follower, but that's okay. at least i'm in style, right? : )

i also opted out of a tree topper. and ribbon. of course this tree is the old kind with all the individual branches on pegs that you pop into the holes on the tree stand. which also means i have to put my own lights on every year... so after all that hassle all i want to do is just hang ornaments and be done with it. i like it though. it's simple and no fuss.... except for all the fuss that goes into assembling it.... and wrapping 80 strands of lights on every branch..... but besides all that, it's no fuss.....

okay, so here come all my favorite ornaments. be prepared. these. are. awesome. and you will want them for yourself. haha okay well, i think you'll like them anyway ; )

this ornament may be hard to see so you may not be able to fully appreciate it. it's a giant crystal gem with sparkly leaves and berries on top. it. is. awesome. it's probably one of the most expensive ornaments i own but holy cow. when i saw it i said, holycowineedthis!! so my wonderful husband bought it for me : )

love these mini chandies from my sister

i am so in love with birds. this little girl is from target from my sister and i am seriously in love with her. she sits front and center. love. it!

and look at this little cutie! i love the beads and feathers.. so! cute!

this is quite possibly my favorite ornament ever. it's perfect. i love everything about it. i've had it for years and every time i pull it out i still sigh and say, ohhhh i love this onnneee.. : )

and since i'm in love with deer and birds these cheap little ornaments fill up the rest of the tree. but i love them too. and so does emily... she showed me by pulling lots of them off the tree to play with. so they get lots of love around here, fear not.

and now, since i've already gotten some wrapping done i can show you my tree with presents! well, only half the presents... i'm not that on the ball...

i decided to go old school and use brown packaging paper... and then i realized everyone was doing that too. but i guess once again, that just makes me oh-so-trendy : ). i bought some more cheap ornaments from walmart to add some sparkle and prettiness to the packages.

i chose the old school wrapping because it reminds me of when people used to walk along main street and go from little shop to little shop buying christmas presents. and then they wrapped all your packages in brown paper for you in the store. and then you walked home with all your packages in your adorable heels and stockings and of course a cute dress. then you still had pot roast on the table for dinner. of course i wasn't alive for any of this, but it sure seems like a lovely time : ).

i bought the paper from lowe's for like, $7. the string was also from lowe's but i forget how much it cost... i bought it all at the beginning of november.. gimme a break.

i hope you enjoyed my tour d'ornaments. i certainly did. every time i take them out of the box and unwrap them it's like christmas morning.. so fun! i plan to keep these ornaments forever. then maybe i can pass them on and then they'll just be around forever and ever.. or, more realistically, once i have kids half of them will get broken and/or lost and they'll think the other ones are old and boring so we'll replace them with penguins and snowmen. hmm. i see now why people need about 3 christmas trees in their homes... ; )

speaking of 3 trees, linking up with thrifty decor chick's christmas tree party!

christmas tree party


  1. Your tree is so pretty! Love the chandelier ornaments. The brown packaging paper is too cute!!

  2. Your tree is so gorgeous! I really like the theme color (I have that same mistletoe ornament--- you're right, I couldn't pass that up either hehe). Your gift wrapping is so pretty and I love your tree skirt.....goodness your style is just perfection girl!

  3. Ah your tree is so BEAUTIFUL! I am loving all of the ornaments & the way you wrapped those Christmas presents is so cute!

  4. I LOVE the chandies. Those are my favorite ornaments for SURE! :) Also - your gift wrapping is so cute! I love the ornaments on there - they add the perfect touch of green to your red & gold ensemble :)

  5. Beautiful job making all your collected ornaments look like a coordinated theme. I didn't get all my childhood ornies out for the first time (it's a LOT of work unwrapping and rewrapping all that specialness) and mine never look coordinated (maybe I need those filler ornaments to pull it all together?). Anyway, I do like how my tree turned out, but it is lacking that sentimentality.


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