Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Things are a little different now!

Hey all! I don't know if anybody will ever see this since it's been silent over here for about oh, something like, 4 YEARS. I love my little blog and I have lately felt a strong desire to return to it. It's a little different now, though!

Since my last post, when my daughter was 1 week old (yikes!) we bought a tiny little ranch style house, went through some crazy ups and downs of life, and had another baby! My son, Bennett, is now older than Lydia was in my last post. Nothing will make life go by faster like having 2 kids!

I still love decorating my home and diy'ing anything I am brave enough to try (or slick enough to talk people into helping me with *wink*).

I figured I would kick this off with some pictures of our house. This is our house as we bought it almost 3 years ago. (I can't believe we have been living here 3 years!) In fact, these are the pictures from the listing that the real estate agent took, which means you will get a look at the lovely furniture of the previous owners.........


Here they are! I will be posting updates about the progress we've made since these pictures were taken, and about the updates we are planning still! We certainly believe in a s-l-o-o-o-w approach when it comes to home improvement, but that is the pace that works best for us, our family, and our budget. Here we go!

Guest/Kids Bath

Back Guest Room (Now Nursery)

Lydia's Room

The Master "Suite" (hahahaha)

The Master Bath

I know what you're asking yourself. The answer is yes. Yes you may pin the above images for inspiration.

Okay, maybe not. BUT hopefully over time my house is becoming a slightly more lovely and happy place to be.


  1. I'm thrilled you're blogging again. I love your posts!
    Love, your mom

  2. Wow I forgot how much our house has improved over the past three years. All of these small projects you've done have made a huge difference!


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