Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas time is here!!!

*cue charlie brown song*

my goodness i love this time of year. also i realize i have been absent like mad... i have been a busy little cookie lately. i worked every day last week. i am so totally jealous of those people bragging about their awesome black friday finds. i went to sleep at midnight and i got up at 4:00 a.m. for work... i left at 4:30 a.m. and didn't get back until about 4:30 p.m. .... so..... i spent almost 12 hours straight working at the mall... that's nuts people! it was semi-horrible. well, actually the first 6ish hours weren't so bad... it was the next 6 that will really getchya. i'm not really a big black friday shopper anyway, so to work all day was kind of shocking to me. but i guess i made lots of money instead of spending lots... so i guess that's the good thing about it.

anyway, so i have been so busy with work, shopping, decorating and thanksgiving-ing. i had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family. my parents hosted it, and we had a yummy breakfast bake together, then later we had probably the BEST turkey i ever had. it was so juicy and yummy.... i wish we had thanksgiving twice a year! or maybe 3 times.... or maybe like, once a month.... i love it : )

so anyway, the good news is i have this whole week off! i don't know how that happened, but apparently this week is a slow one for our store usually since everybody spends all their money over the weekend. whatever, i don't care the reason.. i'm gonna get all my shopping done and just take some time to be lazy and enjoy the season. so. excited. : )

i'm mostly done with my christmas decorating actually. i figured i would just show you a few pieces here and there considering i took about a bagillion pictures... so enjoy some christmas pictures : )

have a very happy holiday season!! take time to relax and enjoy it. but don't relax too much.. i want to see everyone's home decorated for the holidays! : )


  1. I agree with having Thanksgiving once a month!! =D hehe. Love all of your Christmas decorations, seriously so adorable!!!

  2. Thanksgiving once a month sounds so dreamy! I want that too! You worked a very long black Friday! Go girl! Now enjoy your lazy week catching up on all your to-dos. Once again your holiday decorations are amazing! So gorgeous! I love that garland on your mantle! Can I come hang my stocking on your mantle? ;-)

  3. i love the idea of having thanksgiving more than just once , great food and great company-amen! your place is magazine worthy! my mouth literally dropped when i saw your mantel space--it is stunning! want to come down to va and decorate my place? :) enjoy your week off and kick those feet up and relax. take care jessica!

  4. all of your christmas decorations are so gorgeous! I love your mantel so much - i so wish we had a mantel!! :)

    i have worked a black friday in retail and let me tell you - it was the pits! at least you get a week of now to rest! i didn't get that when i worked at dillards.

    glad you had a good thanksgiving and it is good to see you back around here! stay sweet friend!

  5. Jess,
    Your place looks amazing. I love everything you did. You should have me over for lunch. I would like salad. Love you. Mom

  6. ooh, i love the candles in the fireplace, that's a great idea. and the books stacked. and the fun wall color. yay for your week off-enjoy!

  7. oh wait, i wanted to tell you how much i like your blog name, too.


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